DIY: Destroy It Yourself

Things bodged and jury rigged around the home…

Rusted drop link bolts on a Fiat Panda Mk2...

Rusted drop link bolts on a Fiat Panda Mk2…

The anti-roll bar drop links are very close to the ground on the Fiat Panda, which means after many years and miles – the salt and moisture often seizes them completely. Normally, to remove them you’ll hold the nut in place using an Allen wrench or mole grips, and then turn the nut using a […]

Teisco/Silvertone/Kawai style guitar repair

Teisco/Silvertone/Kawai style guitar repair

Pictures show the general chronological order that I decided to renovate this guitar in. Bought from a nice chap via Facebook, this is a 70s Japanese made two pickup instrument that has definitely been played and has seen better days. I very proudly went to make the whole thing functional and to try and improve […]

Award-Session "The Punk" 100W transistor amp

Award-Session “The Punk” 100W transistor amp

On my travels when collecting up odd and repairable guitars, basses, keyboards and amps, one of the rarities encountered was a variant of the Award-Session Sessionette amplifier – namely an adapted version of the 100W bass amp they did. The combo houses a 12″ Celestion G12-75T, rated at 100W, to match the fact that the […]

Building batten photo frame, for an A3 sized print

Building batten photo frame, for an A3 sized print

So, Mum wanted to know whether we can get an A3 photograph of the children and their partners together with her. I said to her, that I could do one better and I’d love to build a frame from scratch for it. So, this is what happened… Note: Most of these photos were taken using […]