Budget tubescreamers construction comparison: Joyo Vintage Overdrive vs Behringer Tube Overdrive TO800

This post briefly looks at comparing two of the budget favourites when it comes to classic sounding, mid boosting overdrive pedals. In the UK, both pedals can be found around the £20 mark second hand, and both use either a 9V battery or a standard centre-negative pedal power supply. Both are built in China, with […]

Award-Session “The Punk” 100W transistor amp

On my travels when collecting up odd and repairable guitars, basses, keyboards and amps, one of the rarities encountered was a variant of the Award-Session Sessionette amplifier – namely an adapted version of the 100W bass amp they did. The combo houses a 12″ Celestion G12-75T, rated at 100W, to match the fact that the […]